Order different kinds of high quality sutures at specialist SMI, a world-wide recognised sutures manufacturer. For more information on our range of sutures, please clink on one of the links below :

Sutures : all sutures in foil packs
Sutures : polyester sutures
Sutures : polypropylene sutures
Sutures : overview of our sutures at SMI
Sutures : range of surgical sutures

Suture : highest quality suture at SMI
Suture : for a standard controlled suture
Suture : for a suture of high security
Suture : reliable surgical suture
Suture : for your quality suture

Quality suture
Quality suture : for a reliable quality suture
Quality suture : full range of SMI quality suture
Quality suture : SMI for your quality suture
Quality suture : guaranteed quality suture
Quality suture : full range of sutures

Surgical sutures
Surgical sutures : Catgut surgical sutures
Surgical sutures : ancillary items and surgical sutures
Surgical sutures : reliable surgical sutures in cassette packs
Surgical sutures : needles for surgical sutures
Surgical sutures : surgical absorbable sutures

Absorbable sutures
Absorbable sutures : Surgicryl absorbable sutures
Absorbable sutures : Catgut absorbable sutures
Absorbable sutures : wound support with absorbable sutures
Absorbable sutures : security absorbable sutures
Absorbable sutures : SMI your partner for any suture

All sutures materials are controlled. The entire range of sutures, Surgicryl and Catgut sutures available at SMI. Do not hesitate to consult our catalogue for an entire overview.

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  Here you can download our Product Catalogue as PDF file.